Primary Goal Of Navnirman Pre-Primary
To sustain and improve the quality of learning and teaching programs
To ensure that the curriculum is an ever-evolving entity, which aims to challenge, inspire and encourage all students.
To demonstrate that active, experiential learning is more effective than passive learning gained through traditional teaching methods and that a learner benefits from active participatory learning methodologies.
To ensure that the learning environment at Navnirman High is organized to facilitate experiential learning.
Primary Goal Of Navnirman High
To expose children the concept of service to the wider community and to those in need.
To develop in students, high level of competencies, knowledge and skills.
To develop and broaden the talents and interests of all students and encourage efforts towards excellence.
To develop in students the self-confidence and personal characteristics initiative, self-motivation, persistence, determination, critical thinking, self-discipline and enterprise that will prepare them to handle a wide range of situations in different contexts.
To give students the capacity to work creatively and solve problems.
To encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning and to view learning as an exciting, ongoing and lifelong process.
To assist in the development of each child's cognitive, physical and creative potential.
To recognize the increasing need to support working parents by aiming to complete most of the school day and extra curriculum development within the school. To provide time and environment for supervised 'Homework' session to take place.
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