Virtual Classrooms

Steve Jobs spectacular invention has proved to the world that visual media has a phenomenal impression on a human life. Navnirman High is leading in providing the students the highest technological advancements right in their classrooms.

Everyone has their own way to perceive the world, students too understand the concept differently. To understand every concept clearly and equally, highly innovative as well as friendly approach was suggested by Dr. Stener & Rabindranath Tagore. Virtual classes have huge contribution in this process.
Navnirman High has incorporated a use of these mediums so that the learning becomes fun, experience for the students as well as the teachers. 'Educomp' is associated with over six thousands school all over India. And they are providing a remarkable as well as interesting information on subjects like science, Maths, History: Geography: Civics, Languages, Computer, Drawing, Craft, Physical Exercise, Environmental Studies etc.

The opportunity is given to the student to see, experience, feel and gain. There are traditional black boards as well as interactive digital white boards in each class room. Educomp's multimedia software is related to text with excellent animation and visuals in effective method. This adds to the overall development of the pupil.

The Knowledge Centre in school and internet facilities are connected to research department. The teachers are given special training on use of 'Educomp' for the best results. This media will allow online lectures from the people leading in various fields of knowledge which will help the student in their future far and beyond.

Computer Laboratory

The school is well resourced, as we believe it is essential that children have access to high quality equipment and materials.

We have made a commitment to Information and Communication Technology and recognize the need for a regular update to hardware and software.

We have a suite of computers installed in our 'Learning Resource centre'.

They are used in a variety of way to develop skills in information and Communication Technology.

They also provide a means of supplying information, data and tools for supporting other areas of the curriculum.

All PCs are connected to the Internet via a broadband connection. The school has policy for the safe use of the Internet and we use a safe filter system.

Every classroom is equipped with an Interactive White board. We are well stocked with software and children are encouraged to use the Computer laboratory for searching information and for pleasure.

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