We believe that the 21st Century modern school must shed the influence of the industrial and information models with the dawn of the conceptual age. The conventional pedagogy of learning sciences is proving to be inadequate for the modern day learner, from the 'Fact driven education system', grading criterion into even the proverbial climbing the carrier ladder, the society has traditionally only rewarded learning by rote. However the equations have effectively changed with the arrival of computers and Internet, ensuring that factual knowledge is no longer the differentiator between success &failure.
In view of the same Navnirman High promotes learning that is cognitive as well as the aesthetic and effective. The vital link between theory and relevance is effectively established in our curriculum, thus facilitating education, which caters to the needs of individual student will be 21st century learners with strong analytical skills, people skills, foresight and creativity.
The learning environment at Navnirman High has been undoing the patterns enforced by traditional schools and seeks to set benchmarks for futuristic education.
We aim to put our children at the center of their own learning and place great emphasis on nurturing skills and attitudes such as resource fullness, resilience and co-operation.
Special emphasis will be led on creating an environment for self —learning, the curriculum is investigative in nature and children will be encouraged to conduct surveys, research topics and conduct experiments, field visit to understand concept.
This is a different learning experience to the one where a child is given only verbal and visual instruction or information the 'Hands-On' experience, we believe, result in natural and integrated development of knowledge, skills and thinking. The primary focus is on the 'Process' that children will undergo in experiencing an activity. All of our educational resource material including workbooks, worksheets, and teaching methodology manuals are created keeping this 'Process' as the main focus.
We will constantly aim for our teachers to be devoted to excellence in classroom instruction and to strive towards creating highly motivated and creative students. Our entire approach will include early intervention one to one tutoring and teamwork by the entire school staff.
Through a rich curricular and extra curricular program and strong links with the community, we will help each child discover and develop their talents and interests.
We will use every appropriate opportunely to unify our new school and develop a whole school culture.
We will make learning vivid & real.
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